Dr. Mike Bio

Dr. Mike DeBord is a former Chiropractor and owned his own Chiropractic and Performance Center for 15 years.

Dr. Mike discovered BFR bands in 2016 and shortly after started building B3 Sciences. He has 6 years of use, research and experience using and applying BFR, as well as 6 years of reviewing over 300 papers, studies, and reviews of BFR. Dr. Mike has vast knowledge of the entire BFR industry. He has 4 years of experience educating Clinics, PTs, Doctors, and ATCs on how to implement BFR, and is a consultant to many sports HS, Collegiate, Olympic and Professional Sports Teams. Dr. Mike is one of the top experts in the world in BFR. He teaches a BFR Certification course to Health Professionals, Trainers, Athletes, and everyday people in all 50 states.